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Welcome to the client interface

The GO front-end was built to let you manage all aspects of your augmented reality campaigns: create campaigns and targets, design interactions, store multimedia content, monitor audience, etc.

When you log in to go.bear2b.com with your login and password, you first enter the Dashboard section.

The Dashboard allows you to monitor your audience and measure the performance of augmented reality campaigns from a single page.

Here you will see the number of app downloads, scans and interactions generated by your audience over a given period of time. You can refine these results by period or campaign.

You can also see the ranking of pages (targets) that were scanned the most, and interactions (clicks) that were triggered by mobile users.

In case you need more precise monitoring, please go the the Log section in the front-end to see ALL scans and clicks triggered by your mobile users. You may want to download the complete log as a CSV file for custom filtering and reporting.

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