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Videos (MP4)

The multimedia library used in both Android and iOS SDK for rendering videos is Ffmpeg. So you need to embed this library into your common video editing software (e.g. Adobe Premiere Pro : https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Encode/PremierePro), or pass your video through a compatible encoder (Ffmpeg, VLC, Xine, etc.) before uploading it to the platform.

But you can also simply check the “Optimize video for the platform” button, in the editing window, when you import your video.

By default, Ffmpeg comes with the following parameters : MP4 Base Media format, AVC VBR video, AAC CBR audio

Tip : if you don’t want to install a desktop encoder, many online and compatible tools exist such as CloudConverter (https://cloudconvert.com).

Videos are displayed in streaming mode, meaning that the video playback in the app can start quickly without the need to download the whole file first.

Beware of videos that come out of post-production with very high quality, they are totally unusable in a mobile app: a video of one minute weighing 200MB will not be displayed in the mobile app, even with a very good Wifi or 4G connection. We recommend uploading videos that weigh between 2MB to 4MB per minute of video content, e.g. 500kbps video and 96kbps audio bitrates… The ‘weight per minute’ ratio is an efficient measurement criteria, simpler than bitrate or frame size.

Transparent on-texture videos

When auto-play on texture box is checked, a field allows you to add the hexadecimal code of the color to be deleted mobile-side.

Several software can extract the background color of a video. For example, in MacOS, the digital colorimeter application will copy the hexadecimal value: just point the mouse to the desired color and press the CMD + SHIFT + C keys.

The video should have a solid background, with no trace of color folds or shades.

Beware, by removing the background color (green in the example below) any element of the same color will disappear from the video. For example, if the actor has a green suit, it will become transparent.

Filming on a green background

Here are some recommendations for recording videos to be played with transparency:

  • Film in vertical format (720p or 1080p quality)

  • Character filmed at eyes level

  • Preferably dark clothes

  • Green background or marked contrast between character and background

  • No shadow projected

  • No sudden movement

  • No parts of the character’s body should go off the colored background

  • Microphone close to the actor

When activating the vertical orientation option for HoloBear rendering, it is important to follow a basic rule because, if not designed correctly, the augmented reality scene may force mobile users to hold off from the target and result in a degraded user experience (technically speaking we are talking about a ‘tracking loss’): dimension of the video to be played vertically should always fit to the scanned target area -or be smaller-.

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