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The BearViewController provides a infrastructure for your application to manage BearScanner. You are able to create instances of BearViewController subclasses and use those objects to provide the specific behaviors and visual appearances that you need. You are able to specify these scanner properties in subclass or Interface Builder:

  • timeToPause – The time after that scanner will be paused. The default value of this property is 10 seconds.
  • scannerColor – Customize scanning line color. The default value of this property is purple color.
  • delegate – Use your own BearDelegate implementation. Delegate provides a mechanism for your application to take action on events that occur in the BearViewController.

To get more information about BearDelegate take a look on Delegate article.

Note: You are able to create multiple instances of BearViewController or it subclasses, but you are not able to show them simultaneously. And keep in mind that every instance of BearViewController or it subclass uses the same augmented reality view for render. Be careful with view states.

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