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Getting Started

Introduction to the Bear SDK iOS

Welcome to the Bear SDK. This document is designed to help you from your very first steps with the Bear SDK all the way through to advanced concepts and examples for developing your augmented reality project.

SDK and sample apps requirements:

Warning: BearViewController supports portrait orientation only. In fact, you can still use it in landscape-only application, but it is not officially supported.

How to run sample apps:

The BearSDK is already integrated in the project.

carthage bootstrap --platform iOS
  • Open BearSDK.workspace in XCode.
  • Setup certificates.
  • Run SampleApp or SampleAppObjc scheme on your device (running on simulator is not available with the SDK).

Sample markers:

Once you compiled and installed the application on a physical device, you can scan the markers located in the markers folder.

These are examples to show you preview of augmented targets using Bear Go

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