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Core apis

  • startCam() : void Starts the webcam
  • startReco() : void Starts the webcam and sends a marker recognition request to the server
  • startAR() : void Starts the webcam, sends a marker recognition request to the server and downloads/display the scene specified in Argo Editor
  • canStartAR() : boolean Returns true if all components are ready to startAR.
  • Stop() : void Stop every component, including the webcam

* getSnapshot() : image Returns a png image of the AR scene
* toggleFullScreen(): void Enable/Disable fullscreen if possible in this browser
* desactivateAudio/activateAudio() : void
In iOS it is not possible to start sounds without a user interaction like a click. Like in youtube in its mobile browser version, you will need to add an “Reactivate sound” button. This button could call activateAudio which will “unmute” every loaded videos.

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