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List of components

The current components are :

Video : in charge of managing the webcam with optimal size and displaying the feed
Tracking : in charge of finding and tracking a marker in the video feed
Scene : in charge of displaying the 3D overlay specified in Argo Editor
Reco : in charge of finding a marker in a database whether online or offline.
Odo : in charge of getting gyroscope data to better the experience. It is recommended not to enable it for now. If enabled, the engine will apply priority to gyro rotation over the visual information. It could be used in some rare cases with fixed images.

Code error examples :
general errors
0 : no internet or connection lost
video component errors
100 : video : needed api not available
101 : video : could not start video for unknown reason
scene component errors
200 : undefined loading assets error
200 : asset model not found on the server
201 : asset server error
202 : asset deserialization error
reco component errors
300 : undefined error for reco
tracking errors
400 : wasm not supported or such
odo component error
700 : gyroscope not available or not working
701 : DeviceOrientation not available

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