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Migrate to BEAR SDK 2.0.0

BEAR SDK release 2.0.0 brings many improvements and better practices to make your integration smoother. This section describes what steps you need to follow to update your application with the version 2.0.0 of the BEAR SDK.

Update dependency version

First update the version of the BEAR SDK dependency to 2.0.0 in your application’s build.gradle file:

dependencies {
     compile(‘com.bear:bearsdk:2.0.0@aar’) {
          transitive = true

Application class

The config.data asset resource file is not used anymore. You must use the secret key instead which is provided by BEAR (for development process you can use the sample application one).
Use this secret key as parameter in the BearSdk.init(String secretKey) method.

Also your android.app.Application class must not extend BearApp as this class has been removed. You can use your own Application class in your AndroidManifest.xml. You only need to initialize the BEAR SDK in your Application class:

public class App Application {

    public void onCreate() {


The IArRouter does not exist anymore, you can handle fragment navigation directly in your activity class that extends ArActivity:

See example.

ArActivity openWebView

openWebView(String url) method has been added and must be implemented to handle what to do when webview asset is clicked.


ApplicationConfig initConfig() method has been removed. You can set augmented reality view configuration (scan timeout and scan line color) using ArActivity methods:

See ArActivity section.

ConfigKey has been removed. Set your secret key in your Application class as explained previously.


MarkerRecognitionCallback has been renamed to BearCallback. Also new callback onAssetClicked(int assetId) has been added and must be implemented.

buildMarkerFromHistory method

buildMarkerFromHistory(int markerId) has been renamed to showArSceneWithoutTracking(int markerId)

Handler methods

ScanStatusHandler, FlashStatusHandler and NetworkStatusHandler have been merged to BearHandler. Also methods are not static anymore. Screenshot process has been refactored to simple method calls from BearHandler, see example. You can retrieve the BearHandler by calling ArActivity.getHandler() method and use it to call all following methods:

Network monitoring will be removed in future release

Network monitoring will be removed in future release

Network monitoring will be removed in future release


Firebase is not included inside BEAR SDK anymore as it should be managed at application level. You must declare your own FirebaseInstanceIdService and call BearSdk.registerFirebaseToken(String token) method inside onTokenRefresh().

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